AISTILA® is the leading research partner for ideal sensory, consumer and product experiences

AISTILA® is the leading research partner for ideal sensory, consumer and product experiences

We provide research and training services in sensory evaluation and market research. Our services give tools for R&D, marketing and product quality management.

Applying sensory understanding in product concepting, design, development and communications gives a competitive edge in the fierce competition on FMCG markets.

Aistila gives a solution how to create products that are well liked. The starting point for successful product development is in understanding the products in the category and recognizing the key sensory characteristics that are linked to consumer liking. Aistila gives a company an answer which direction to develop their product to achieve better consumer satisfaction. When the most important product characteristics have been recognized the company can use them also in marketing.

Aistila leans on strong scientific research at the University of Turku.

We have a trained sensory panel and an active consumer panel.

Sensory laboratory facilities according to ISO 8589-std, research restaurant Flavoria®, a multisensory lab and online methods.

AISTILA® research and training services to improve competitiveness of your products

Better understanding of the multisensory experience

Aistila Sensory MindMap and Multisensory recipe are the tools to identify the factors of the sensory experience of your products.

Sensory MindMap of the consumer experience analyses the product experience and maps the sensations it comprises of and the needs that it addresses.

Multisensory recipe analyses the current or the ideal consumer need satisfaction or brand experience and maps the multisensory stimuli and emotions which together generate the customer experience.

Optimizing the sensory experience of your products

Do you know how the sensory dimensions of your product are perceived and how they affect its liking?

Aistila Navigator studies analyse the most important sensory and conceptual product attributes in the category, the differences between the products and the cause and effect perceptions between product attributes.

Product tests are performed in sensory lab, at the research restaurant Flavoria® or in an immersive environment.

Competent staff with sensory training

Aistila Academy sensory training is an inspiring journey into the world of senses, providing scientific knowledge and new insights for better product development and consumer perception-led innovations. Sense profiling gives understanding of the individual differences in how your sensory panel members use different senses and sets the starting level for sensory evaluation development.

Sensory training can start from the basics of sensory evaluation and continue to sensory evaluation mehtods depending on your organisation’s needs. Our experts can work like personal trainers of your company’s sensory evaluations and consumer testing helping through the whole process.